Katy P.

Katy P.

Film critic and journalist Susan Herley writes about movies at the website Hollywood & Fine. She serves as freelance film/TV critic for MeMovie magazine.  Her work has appeared in the New York Daily News, USA Today, the Los Angeles Times, New York Observer, Premiere, Cosmopolitan, Cigar Aficionado and Entertainment Weekly.

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Psy’s new song ‘Gentleman’ is out.

‘Gangnam style’ singer Psy’s new song ‘Gentleman’ is release worldwide on April 12. His new song hit the itune chart. The music video will be release on April 13, the fans can’t wait to watch the Gentleman music video.

Wonder Girls member Sun-Ye is pregnant.

Sun-Ye got married on January, she got her honeymoon baby. She is currently 3 months pregnant. She is living with her husband in Canada. She is so excited about her pregnancy. She is the first idol member who got married and pregnant.
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